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Meet the Team

Updated Profile pic Cheryl Olson.jpg

Rev. Cheryl Olson

Life Verse: James 3:17-18

Silliest way I've injured myself:

I broke my hand while making espresso.

One thing I can't go a day without: Laughter


Kristofor Olson

Life Verse: Isaiah 54:17

Silliest way I've injured myself:

I sneezed my back out.

One thing I can't go a day without: Coffee

Mallorys headshot 1-6-22.jpg

Mallory Hobby

Life Verse: Proverbs 20:17

Silliest way I've injured myself:

One time I accidentally got hit in the face with my own car door. I was thankful for my bangs because it left a big bruise above my eye.

One thing I can't go a day without: A good book

Family Ministries Intern

Our pastors & elder board are here to serve you and help you experience how Jesus changes everything.


Crossway Church is a non-denominational holiness church, which is part of a larger family of the Church of God, whose headquarters are in Anderson, Indiana. Our key distinctives are holiness & unity. Please watch the videos linked in OUR BELIEFS, OUR HISTORY, and WHO IS JESUS?, for insight into who we have been since 1881 when the movement began.

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